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PhD Examinations

I have recently acted as the external examiner for two PhD dissertations, written by Kenny Yong YANG (Doctor of Juridical Science, Faculty of Law, University of Western Australia) and Rafia Naz ALI (Doctor of Philosophy, Area Study Centre, University of Peshawar). Both Kenny and Rafia passed the examination and now hold their doctorates. Congratulations Dr Yang and Dr Ali!

Dr Yang analysed the Singapore criminal courts' approaches to drug trafficking cases, arguing that Singapore's model has evolved from one of crime control, to one of due process: His three supervisors were Professor Neil Morgan, Dr Meredith Blake and Dr Eugene Lee.

Dr Ali conducted a comparative study of the Pakistani and Afghan legal systems' responses to violence against women, including analysis of legislation, caselaw, crime statistics and national human rights institutions. Her supervisor was Dr Suhail Shahzad.

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